Helping Companies and Organizations Understand the value of Veterans that leads to Improved Morale and Profits

Strengthening Communities with Solutions

We coach you to improvement. The OMFC team utilizes the R.A.T.E model to determine what solutions will help you better serve, refer, and leverage your military and veteran employees while improving and strengthening your community and company culture.
Research: Before we engage your team or your company, we research the latest best practices specific to your industry.
Assess: Like a doctor, we do a thorough assessment of what you are presently doing and measure this against best practices to determine areas of improvement.


Train: We develop the playbooks/programs that will help you achieve your outcomes then train your teams on how to achieve the goal in the desired time.
Evaluate: We don’t “dump and go.” This is a relationship. We set up milestones and benchmarks so that you accomplish your goal.

Examples of Community Solutions:

DMP (Disaster Medicine Project): DMP hosts and facilitates LOW COST to NO COST community readiness and individual preparedness programs. Dedicated to strengthening local disaster readiness/resilience and community self-reliance, Doctor Mitchell and his team work with communities to establish a wide range of outreach collaborations aimed at augmenting emergency response capability.

This program tackles Stop the Bleed, Active Shooter, Disaster Response, and more. You’ll be prepared in a crucial race against the low-frequency yet high-consequence crises.

City Veterans Commissions: Cities across America understand both the need to better serve those who have served AND leverage that talent that is living within their communities. OMFC has created the BLUEPRINT that will help your city better serve and leverage your military and veteran families.
Community-Wide Networks: Outcomes. Showcasing that your community gets results and solves problems is a benefit to you if you receive private or public grants and funds.

Teamed with Unite Us, OMFC will help you “own” the solution to improving how you refer and serve your military and veteran families. To truly address the social determinants of health and improve outcomes, it is critical that communities build accountable coordinated networks, enabling every partner to seamlessly report back outcomes to one another.

NEW LOOK and NEW OPPORTUNITIES to learn, support, and serve – coming in SEPT 2020

*Stay-Tuned for the big reveal! We have some exciting programs and ways to mentor coming in SEPT 2020.