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Book Synopsis

Perfect for those who are experiencing multiple deployments or for those soon-to-be transitioning into civilian life, Operation Military Family follows several families prior to deployment, during deployment, and through transition.  These couples share how they overcame many of the challenges and difficulties faced by today’s military families and refute the common belief that military marriages can’t survive military life. Their stories and the resources contained within the book will provide you with a road map to begin your own journey toward a strong, successful relationship!


  • Why Do We Join?
  • Preparing Your Marriage for Deployment
  • Emotional Turmoil: The First Few Weeks
  • Living Each Day Apart
  • Marriage Support (Resource Guide)
  • Understanding Health Care, Counseling & Finances (Resource Guide)
  • Keeping Your Marriage Strong
  • Coming Home: Preparing on Both Fronts
  • Living Life Together
  • What You Really Need to Know
Why are veterans are more hirable than ever.

Navy veteran Mike Schindler, Founder and CEO or Operation Military Family, tells the stories of our returning heroes so that we might gain a true understanding of life for returning vets and their families. While addressing some of the hardships of returning vets, Schindler also reveals another side of America’s heroes – the side that celebrates the triumphs and hirable qualities offered by our veterans, including:

  • a strong work ethic
  • a positive attitude
  • the willingness to do more
  • strong job preparedness
  • being solution minded
  • high energy

U.S. Veterans in the Workforce sheds light on the American heroes who come home to new heroic endeavors – the ones that make America worth fighting for. ~ SK

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