Veterans in Prevention (VIP)

VIP is traditionally a grant-funded or community sponsored program – providing veterans with a new sense of community purpose (and stipend) while providing local first responders with a locally known, qualified and trained Veteran rapid response team. 

VIP teams veterans in a community with their local fire district to aid your community in assisting, responding to, and educating the community in fall prevention, safety, and local hazards. 

The participants will also aid aging veterans and community members in getting connected to resources.

Piloted in Snohomish Country and known as the Verdant for Veterans Program, this program has garnered statewide and national attention as it focuses on 5 Components:  ADVOCACY, EDUCATION, EMPOWERMENT, PREVENTION, AND ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE SERVICES. The keys to success are using vetted, trained and highly qualified Veterans from your community and a linked Service Provider Network.

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